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Thicker and stronger hair

How does Aphro Celina Hair work?

Aphro Celina Hair stimulates the roots, extends the growth phase, Increases keratin synthesis and delays hair loss. As a cosmetic product Aphro Celina Hair is easy to use and totally safe. The aqueous solution is not sticky and leaves no residue on the scalp.

When does Aphro Celina Hair work?

If the hair follicle is still active - or basically functional - regular use of Aphro Celina Hair promotes hair growth and can prevent the onset of androgenetic alopecia in men and women! For successful treatment it is important to start early in the hair loss process and allow regular and long term treatment to act on the hair follicles.

Scientifically proven results

Hair Growth in 8 out of 9 test cases

Dr. Nina Otberg, dermatologist, responsible for the Skin & Laser Clinic in Berlin, conducted a study with 9 subjects using Aphro Celina Hair for the duration of 52 weeks. She found that 8 out of 9 participants had benefited from the use of Aphro Celina Hair.These subjects experienced an increase in both hair density and hair thickness. The full report of Dr. Ottberg can be requested via our contact form (original report in German).

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How to apply the hair serum

Apply daily

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Apply daily a few drops of Aphro Celina to hair and scalp. Apply at least four hours before or after washing the hair.

Massage product onto scalp

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Gently massage the product onto the scalp with your fingertips. It is essential that Aphro Celina Hair penetrates the scalp and reaches the roots. 

Visible hair growth after 3 months

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The onset and level of hair growth varies according to the individual. Treatment should continue at least 2 to 3 months before a result can be expected.