Aphro Celina Resale Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Aphro Celina?

Aphro Celina really works. It is a German quality product with thousands of satisfied customers. You will be selling a product you can believe in and you will notice how enthusiastic your customers are to try the product. 

Aphro Celina is a brand that greatly values resale. This is because we wish to distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering our customers optimal service and advice. We provide the resellers with maximum support. We can be contacted quickly and easily by telephone or e-mail for any questions about our products. We also actively monitor the resale prices on the Internet, so that the resale margins remain healthy.

Who can become a reseller?

Professionals in the beauty sector, such as beauty salons, hairdressers, wellness centres and tanning studios, are typical Aphro Celina resellers. If you would like to sell our products, please create an account on the website. Also enter your VAT number and Chamber of Commerce number. We will inform you within 24 hours whether you qualify for a business account.

When do you charge for delivery?

Deliveries made to consumers are free of charge. However, we ask professionals to pay a contribution towards the delivery costs. We do this because we do not want to include these costs in the sale price. The delivery costs do not only cover the postal charges, but also the labour costs for packing and the packaging materials. Deliveries over € 250 are FREE

Why do you not have graduated price scales?

We want to discourage people from offering our products for sale for less than the recommended price. The only way to achieve this is to not make any concessions to the sales price. In this way, all our resellers have the best chance of obtaining a healthy margin with Aphro Celina.

Can I sell your products on the Internet?

Yes, as long as it is on your own website and you do not offer the products for less than the recommended price.